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of natural ice

Currently, the replacement of ice coatings to synthetic material has become relevant, due to the economy and ease of maintenance.
Synthetic ice is especially popular in the sphere of entertainment, sports and in the sphere of state arrangement of settlements. 
Now it’s possible to create skating rinks all year round for mass- and figure skating, hockey, curling, public events and ice shows in large and small squares, as well as indoor and outdoor ice rinks in hot summers!


This unique opportunity is provided by our material Plastmasstm HMWPE -ICE.
Synthetic ice developed by Plastmass Group is a unique high-tech product that meets the highest international standards. Thanks to the unique combination of fillers, skating on this synthetic ice has become the same as skating on natural ice but without expensive refrigeration units and maintenance. 

  • Mobility and virtual absence of special requirements for rooms and open areas for the operation of the rink

  • Cheaper to maintain

  • Synthetic ice allows to perform turns with a slope 

  • The service life of the material in an open area is up to 10 years, indoors up to 20 years, depending on patency

  • Use soil, asphalt, concrete, wooden floors, tiles, as well as a metal platform and other smooth surfaces as a basis

  • Ultraviolet rays resistant




The world market is dominated by proposals to purchase a cheaper alternative - ice from high density polyethylene (HDPE). Our company produces synthetic ice based on HMWPE (PE-500), which has a number of advantages compare to a cheaper alternative to HDPE.

ADVANTAGES compared to to cheaper analogues

  • Sliding of the blade on ice is smoother since the friction coefficient of HMWPE is 3.5 times lower compared to HDPE

  • When skating on HDPE sharpening the blade lasts only 10-15 minutes. 

  • No Lubricating oil is needed 

  • HMWPE is harder compared to HDPE - it do not loose its shape​


The material has a high wear resistance. It provides full use per month (about 6 hours per day) - about 1.7 kg of fine chips are produced. In relation to the total volume, wear is about 1 mm in 20 years.

Neither low temperature nor solar radiation can damage the material (tested at temperatures from -65°C to + 75°C).

Skates: You can use completely ordinary skates. Skates do not need special sharpening, but must be freshly sharpened.

Skating Technique: Gliding and braking are the same as on real ice.

Cleaning: It is enough to sweep the panels regularly (1 time per day).

Rain, snow and ice: moisture does not affect glide quality. Snow and ice can simply be removed from the surface of the panels without damaging them.


Installation of sheets of synthetic ice from our material is very simple, even without the need to call specialists. In fact, no special tools are needed. The skating rink is laid out with ordered sheets of HMWPE-ICE, which are fastened together by grooves, just like paper puzzles.

Usually, it takes only one to two hours to lay out a synthetic ice pad. After installation of our sheets their junction line will be practically invisible, at least from a short distance. In order for to fit into the grooves, a special “soft” hammer is used, which does not damage the plastic, but gives sufficient impact force.


Standard sizes

  • Width x Length

    • 500 x  500mm; 1000 x 1000 mm; 1000 x 2000
      and 1300 x 2000mm

  • Thickness

    • 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm

Customization available


On request, we can make panels for you in different colors, put logos on them, and also make special markings for hockey, curling, etc.
Each skating rink has its own type of sheets. The choice of sheets is determined by the shape, size and purpose of the rink (hockey, figured or for mass skating), and also necessarily takes into account the permissible load and the necessary strength to convenience for visitors.


Our Material is also used as bands around the ice rink. It requires low maintenance and doesnt absorb moisture. 


If you have any questions about our products or materials or you can not find the information you are looking for, contact us via phone or email. Our team is at your disposal at any time and with pleasure.