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We has patented a special process that uses nanomaterials to produce heat-resistant plastics

At the beginning of 2020, the Plastmass Group filed a patent for the use of boron nanotubes in the production of new polymer composites. The basic structures of the new composite materials are based on polyether ether ketone, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and polyether imide. The technology, patented in January, uses domestic boron nitride nanotubes manufactured by the NUST MISIS laboratory for inorganic nanomaterials. Plastmass Group entered into an agreement with the “NUST MISIS” laboratory, which is intended to expand the range of applications for boron nitride nanotubes.

“We are ideally positioned to exploit the maximum development potential of nanotechnologies for the production of composite materials. Our development strategy for the production of polymer composites with the help of our licensed nanotechnology extends the spectrum of our industrial solutions.“ - Development manager Dmitry Loshadkin.


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