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Plastmass Group - Perm LLC opened its own ZEDEX materials processing production

We are pleased to announce that our official partner, Plastmass Group Perm LLC, opened its own ZEDEX and INKULEN PE materials processing production in January 2020 in Perm.

The material processing production includes:

  • CNC lathe (processing over a support of 130 mm, over a surface of 350 mm, length of a detail is 180 mm)

  • CNC milling machine (table 600 * 600 * 150mm)

Highly qualified specialists are ready to manufacture custom-made ZEDEX and INKULEN PE friction-slip parts according to customer drawings or samples.

Since the opening of there own material processing production, higher demand on the introduction of ZEDEX and INKULEN PE composite materials in the Volga Federal District have been noticed. Already, representatives of various enterprises are contacting the company with relevant requests.

The employees of Plastmass Group Perm LLC are experts in the field of processing composite materials who have been trained at the manufacturing plant of ZEDEX and INKULEN PE composites TD Plastmass Group LLC (Moscow, Skolkovo resident).

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