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The leading manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers TONAR Engineering Plant (www.tonar.info) recommends protecting the bodies of dump trucks with INKULEN PE material.

INKULEN PE is a special polymer coating for dump truck bodies that provides better convergence of the load and prevents sticking and freezing of the load.

Advantages of lining dump truck bodies with INKULEN PE material:

  • NO ADHESIVES. The risks of adhesion of bulk cargo, including waterlogged ones, are completely eliminated. In winter, ice formation does not cause cargo to stick.

  • NO BODY DAMAGE. The risks of mechanical damage to the body are significantly reduced, the overhaul mileage of freight vehicles is increased.

  • NO CORROSION. Chemical inertness of the material allows the transportation of various cargoes. Lining eliminates the appearance of corrosion processes - increases the service life.

  • FAST UNLOADING. The dump truck is unloaded when the truck is raised by 1/3, so that the risk of tipping over becomes zero. Low friction coefficients accelerate unloading processes.

  • INCREASING PROFITABILITY. Lining of dump truck bodies increases the profitability of trucks to 10%, issues with the delivery of goods in exact accordance with the consignment note are resolved.

Plastmass Group (a resident of the Skolkovo Technopark) is the only manufacturer of INKULEN PE material worldwide.

More than 10 years of reliable cooperation between TONAR and Plastmass Group (www.plastmass-group.net) guarantees you the proven quality of the lining material used.


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