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Updated: Jan 21

Materials sold at incredibly low prices have the high possibility to be counterfeit products. In recent years, the dissemination of counterfeit products has been increased. We are aware of counterfeits and the serious issue they bring into the polymer market. Plastmass Group strictly engages against counterfeits to make sure to keep our high quality on the market.

In the first place the end user suffers on low-quality products - it is usually difficult to recognize forgeries at first sight, the low quality of products is already recognizable in the process of work, but it is even worse that counterfeit products can even damage your original equipment! However, this fact affects our company Plastmass Group - the image of the company and the brand.

Only in 2019 TD Plastmass Group LLC considered more than 50 complaints about the supply of falsified products and unfair advertising, both on the Internet and in promotional materials received by our customers. To ensure you get our original material ZEDEX, INKULEN PE or INKUMER EL please only purchase from us directly or from the official representatives of the company. Quick link to our certified dealers - https://www.plastmass-group.net/contact-locations

Please pay attention to unusual combinations with our product descriptions such as ZTDEX ZX-100K. These are not original ZEDEX products and you don't get the high quality of ZEDEX, INKULEN PE and INKUMER EL plastics manufactured at Plastmass Group.


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