Our high-quality and durable PLASTMASS™ Polyethylene (PE-500/PE-1000) marine fenders protect ships and docks from bumps. The marine fenders are available in different sizes and are compatible with older panel types. Ours can be used in ports around the world. The main function of our plastic fenders is to absorb the kinetic energy of ships during mooring and to prevent damage to both the ship and the jetty. The kinetic energy is absorbed by the elastic plastics and the speed of the ship is dynamically reduced.

Marine Fender Characteristics

  • Extremely high wear resistance, low friction and high toughness

  • High wear resistance

  • Very good sliding properties

  • Self-lubricating (dry running)

  • Highest impact and fracture toughness

  • Temperature range from -200 °C to 100 °C

  • High chemical resistance

  • Vibration damping

  • Does not absorb moisture

  • Does not corrode

  • Harmless to health


Supply of Plastic Marine Fender

Maritime fenders are mounted on a group of individual panels. The type of installation depends on the place of their use, the technical characteristics, the construction of the jetty and the type of ship. We manufacture polyethylene marine fender systems in every size and type of attachment.

Marine Fender Quality Control

The Plastmass Group accompanies your projects from start to finish: design, selection, quality control, delivery, provision of all necessary documents (certificates and permits), service guarantee and service after the guarantee. Our company supplies polyethylene fenders of the highest quality. We offer competitive prices and deliver worldwide in the shortest possible time. The quality management system of TD Plastmass Group LLC is certified according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

PLASTMASS™ Polyethylene Plastic Fender

PLASTMASS™ PE-500/1000 (HMWPE / UHMWPE - Polyethylene) have a number of important features that enable successful competition in the polyethylene market:

  • Excellent sliding properties and do not require lubrication

  • Low tension

  • The impact strength and Shore hardness of PLASTMASS™ PE-500/1000 are higher than their analogues

  • High tensile strength

  • Increased abrasion resistance

We are at your disposal if you need technical advice on our materials and provide you all technical information.


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