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PLASTMASS™ PE is an ultra-high molecular weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE/PE-1000 & PE-9000) and high molecular weight Polyethylene (HMWPE/PE-500) which we recommend for lining, sliding parts and guides. Our plastics are manufactured under high quality standards in our factory. Buy PE plastic (Polyethylene) by contacting us.

We manufacture both semi-finished polyethylene and finished parts. This includes sheets, tubes and rods with a large selection of dimensions. Our specialists also create finished parts based on drawings or samples from our customers. We do not have a minimum order quantity. Our PLASTMASS™ PE (PE-1000/PE-500/PE-9000 - Polyethylene) semi-finished products and finished parts are made from high-quality raw materials and are processed on high precision machines. PLASTMASS™ PE (PE-1000/PE-500/PE-9000 - Polyethylene) materials have been developed to withstand the highest loads over a long service life. The material has extremely high wear resistance, a low coefficient of friction and high impact strength. These properties make it possible to replace metals, bronze and expensive materials such as fluoroplast. In order to give our material the excellent quality characteristics, certain ingredients are added to the granule in our production.


  • High wear resistance under high loads

  • Extremely good sliding properties

  • Very high resistance to acids and alkalis

  • Our material does not corrode

  • Dimensional stability and high resistance to deformation

  • High water resistance

  • Harmless to health - FDA compliant

  • Resistant to UV-radiation, viruses and harmful microorganisms

  • Low adhesion to other surfaces

  • The material does not freeze and stick due to its paraffin coating

  • Soundproofing

  • Does not tear when bent

  • High resistance to shocks

  • Low density as compared with other thermoplastics (< 1 g/ cbm)

  • High impact resistance, even at negative temperatures

  • Resistance to strong radioactive radiation

  • Easy to process

  • It is a strong dielectric

UHMWPE / HMWPE Plastic | Polyethylene | PE-500 | PE-1000  | Standard Plastic
UHMWPE / HMWPE Plastic | Polyethylene | PE-500 | PE-1000  | Standard Plastic


  • High resistance to abrasion

  • Does not require lubrication in mechanical systems

  • Very high robustness

  • Particularly high safety factor when stretching

  • Excellent sliding properties


PLASTMASS™ PE (PE-1000/PE-500/PE-9000 - Polyethylene) are plastics that are perfect for solving problems related to friction, wear and the material's yield strength. Our UHMWPE and HMWPE are used in various industries:


PLASTMASS™ PLASTMASS™ PE (PE-1000/PE-500/PE-9000 - Polyethylene) can be easily cut and milled. Our experts use customer drawings and samples to create UHMWPE and HMWPE finished parts such as: guide rails for conveyors, bearing bushes, nuts, bearings, gears, seals.


  • Diameter: 20 - 200 mm

  • Length: 1000 mm - 2000 mm


  • Thickness: 3 - 200 mm

  • Dimensions: 1000 x 2000 mm - 2000 x 6000 mm

We manufacture finished parts based on samples and drawings

We also offer you ready solutions: PLASTMASS™ UHMWPE/HMWPE profiles and slideways


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