PLASTMASS™ PPS plastics are designed for use in harsh environments. They are resistant to many chemical substances and can replace ceramic and PTFE in sliding units. The use of this plastic makes sense if PTFE or bronze plain bearings do not meet the requirements of long-term exposure. PLASTMASS™ PPS plastic is often used in injection molding, from which parts for sliding elements, pumps, electronics are made. The manufactured components are also used in the oil, gas and chemical industries. Our plastics are manufactured under high quality standards in our factory in Russia. Buy PPS plastic by contacting us.


  • High wear resistance

  • Quite low friction coefficient (0.07)

  • High chemical resistance

  • Easy to cut and weld

  • Good machinability

  • Suitable for contact with food products - FDA compliant

  • Suitable for the production of precision parts

  • Hydrolysis resistance


  • Operation temperature: -100 °C to +240 °C (+260 °C)

  • Surface pressure: 25 (74) MPa

  • Sliding speed: 300 m/min

  • Fatigue:  at 20 °C and 10^6 stress cycles,
    1 Hz = 40 MPa

  • Resistance to UV radiation

  • Gamma-radiation: Absorbed dose limited to 1000 kGy

  • Water: max. water absorption: 0,01 %,
    up to +140 °C resistant

  • Fire behavior: Oxygen index (LOI): 47 %,
    classification: V-0 (UL94) - fireproof


Under pressure at 200 °C, the strength of PLASTMASS™ PPS is 16 times higher than standard PTFE. Under these conditions the durability of our PPS is 300 times longer than PTFE.

The advantages of PLASTMASS™ PPS over PTFE (incl. modification F4K20)

  • Higher mechanical strength up to 250 °C 

  • Lower tendency to creep under pressure

  • Higher wear resistance against friction

  • Higher pv-value in dry running

  • More precise manufacturing

  • Less coefficient of thermal expansion

  • Minimal manufacturing costs of PLASTMASS™ PPS injection molded parts

The advantages of PLASTMASS™ PPS polymers over ceramics

  • Higher tensile and impact strength

  • Insensitive to edge pressure under mechanical loads

  • Higher resistance to chemicals

  • Better machinability and mountability

  • Large dimensions

  • Diverse range of semi-finished products

  • Standardized finished parts made of PLASTMASS™ PPS are considerably more economical than those made of ceramic or PTFE


  • Granules

  • Rods

    • Diameter 6 - 210 mm

  • Tubes

    • Outer diameter 30 - 350 mm

  • Sheets

    • Thickness: 6 - 32 mm

    • Dimensions: 370 x 1000 mm - 370 x 2000 mm

    • Thickness: 24 mm

    • Dimensions:120 x 1000 mm - 120 x 2000 mm

  • We manufacture finished parts based on samples and drawings


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