PLASTMASS™ PEI plastic (Polyetherimide) is ideal for the production of sliding parts that work at higher temperatures, speeds and loads than PET. The use of PLASTMASS™ PEI reduces friction, wear and works in dry operation. It is a robust material that lowers operating costs and is also cheaper than PEEK. Our plastics are manufactured under high quality standards in our factory. 

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  • Operation temperature
    -70 °C to +180 °C (+200 °C)

  • Tensile strength
    48 (142) MPa

  • Sliding speed
    200 m/min

  • Tensile fatigue strength at 20 °C
    10^6 stress cycles, 1 Hz = 33 MPa

  • Gamma-radiation
    Absorbed dose limited to 9000 kGy

  • Water absorption
    Max. 0,6 %
    Dimensional changes: 0,25 %

  • Fire behavior
    Oxygen index (LOI): 47 %
    Classification: V-0 (UL94), low flue gas emission

PEI Plastic Material | High Performance Plastic | Polyetherimide
PEI Plastic Material | High Performance Plastic | Polyetherimide


  • At temperatures up to 180 °C hard, stiff and tough

  • Good durability

  • High dimensional stability

  • High chemical resistance

  • High hydrolysis resistance

  • Very high UV radiation resistance

  • Excellent machinability



  • Diameter 6 -180 mm


  • Outer diameter 30 - 380 mm


  • Thickness: 6 - 32 mm

  • Dimensions: 120 x1000 mm - 370 x 2000 mm

Finished parts based on samples and drawings


What chemicals is PLASTMASS™ PEI (Polyetherimide) resistant to?

  • Resistant to alcohols, fuel for motor vehicles and aircraft, lubricants, cleaning

  • Resistant to weak acids and alkalis (PH-value <9),

  • Resistant to salt solutions, ether, hydrolysis of hot water and steam

  • Resistant to UV radiation

What advantages does PLASTMASS™ PEI (Polyetherimide) have over PEEK?

  • Has a much higher final elongation

  • PV-value to 300%

  • Has a better dimensional stability

  • Only loses its rigidity at temperatures that are 50 °C above the maximum temperature of PEEK

  • Higher wear resistance and impact toughness

What advantages does PLASTMASS™ PEI (Polyetherimide) have over Bronze?

  • Lower material costs

  • Low coefficient of friction

  • Improved sliding properties

  • Increased lifetime

  • Does not require shrinking due to its elastic properties

  • Compensates geometric errors due to its elasticity

  • It distributes selective forces perfectly across the entire finished part

  • Works without extern lubrication

  • Shock and vibration resistance

  • Low noise characteristics of the sliding parts

  • High positioning accuracy

  • Smooth movement with low feed

  • Works in a dirty environment - has the ability to absorb abrasive foreign particles or impurities due to its elastic surface


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