All our conveyor belt guides are available in different lengths and dimensions. We manufacture the guides depending on our costumers requirements. Below you can see some models of sliding guides, which we manufacture in different sizes. If you do not find the model you need, we will be happy to help you. On request, we manufacture according to customer drawings or develop individual solutions for your application. A big plus of our polyethylene conveyor belt guides are their sustainability. Depending on the application we are also able to provide conveyor belt guides made of recycled polyethylene. We also recycle your worn out PE conveyor belt guides.

Conveyor Belt Guides

We manufactures conveyor belt guides with our home made plastic material PLASTMASS™ PE. Our polyethylene conveyor belt guides are available in the two types PE-500 and PE-1000. The UHMWPE and HMWPE materials we provide have optimized sliding properties and minimize the friction of sliding parts. With our plastic conveyor belt guides we solve problems as the wear of machine components and rough moving parts. A special aspect of the sustainability of our polyethylene plastics is their durability and the fact that they do not require lubrication. Thanks to their high abrasion resistance and self lubrication, our PE-500 and PE-1000 conveyor belt guides enable carefree operation of machines.









Advantages of Polyethylene Conveyor Belt Guides

  • High wear resistance of PLASTMASS™ UHMWPE/HMWPE (PE-1000/PE-500 - Polyethylene)

  • Excellent sliding without lubrication

  • High chemical resistance

  • Highest impact strength and breaking resistance even at higher temperatures

  • Vibration damping and noise absorption

  • Low moisture absorption - properties and dimensions remain the same in a humid environment

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Approved for contact with food

  • No freezing or sticking

  • High electrical and thermal insulation

Conveyor Belt Guides with C-Profiles

In contrast to metals, PLASTMASS™ UHMWPE/HMWPE (PE-1000/PE-500 - Polyethylene) plastics elongate or shrink to a certain extent during temperature fluctuations. The simplest and most effective method for fastening plastic sliding guides is to use C-shaped steel profiles. They are reliable fastening elements that guarantee freedom of movement for the slide guides and facilitate their replacement. If necessary, they can be welded or screwed together.​

  • Significant increase in the service life of conveyor chains and belts

  • Significant decrease in maintenance expenses

  • Simple installation and dismantle of sliding guides

  • Quick replacement in case of wear

  • Easy alignment of the sliding guide system​

We are at your disposal if you need technical advice on our materials and provide you all technical information.


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