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The usage of engineering polymers in the AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY.

We reccommend to use high-performance materials:

  • PLASTMASS™ UHMWPE/HMWPE - ultra-high molecular weight / high molecular polyethylene of very high degree of polymerization with special additives. 

  • IPLASTMASS™ PU is a polyurethane elastomer based on MDI with hardness of  55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 and 90 Shore. 

  • PLASTMASS™ materials contain antifriction wear-resistant polymer. The main purpose of PLASTMASS™ antifriction materials is to solve the problems of wear in the friction/sliding units and mechanisms, replacement of standard materials such as bronze, polyamide (caprolon), fluoroplast, textolite, polyacetal (POM-C), CAM, cast iron, metal-fluoroplastic bell and other materials in equipment and machines. It is designed for the manufacture of wear-resistant parts: sliding bearings, bushings, inserts, rollers, nuts, warm wheels.


Learn more about the benefits of using PLASTMASS™ polymers in your machines.

  • Sliding properties of PLASTMASS™ are better than bronze. Low coefficient of friction and high anti-friction properties significantly increase the service life of the unit.

  • PLASTMASS™ can operate without lubrication. Failure in the lubrication system does not lead to an emergency and tear.

  • Reducing the noise of sliding units, shock and vibration resistance. PLASTMASS™ does not require running-in due to increased elasticity. High positioning accuracy and smoothness of movement on small feeds.

  • Work in polluted conditions, high abrasion resistance. Not subject to corrosion. Higher resistance to chemicals in comparison with bronze.

  • Thanks to a wide range of PLASTMASS™ sizes allows you to fit in the semi-finished parts to the final size, and thus reduce the price, processing cost and time of the material.

  • Dimensional stability: moisture absorption coefficient up to 0.3% (by caprolon up to 2%, mechanical properties are reduced twice). Under load is unyielding.

  • Frost resistance: temperature up to - l 00 °C.

  • Stability of properties during long-term service.


Discover a selection of application areas for our materials.


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