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Developing for your needs.

Our innovation and development department, Innovation Center (IC) Plastmass Group in Skolkovo, is constantly working to improve and create polymers with new properties for explicit applications. For our customers develop new materials with the properties that are optimized for the use of the material. The newly developed materials and products, like all others, are subject to our quality and testing standards.

Innovation center (IC) "Plastmass Group", LLC - Resident of Skolkovo
Territory of "Skolkovo", 42 house, 1 bld., (room 1045, internal number 3B 03 08 352) Bolshoy bulvar, Moscow, Russia, 143026

With our extensively tested modifications, the following changes in material properties can be made.

All material changes are checked by us.

  • Increase precision by reducing the thermal expansion coefficient

  • Increasing rigidity and strength, especially at high temperatures

  • Increasing the elasticity and mechanical damping

  • Colour adjustments

  • Reduce costs

  • Adjustments of the thermal and / or electrical conductivity (antistatic material and products)

  • Improving the friction and wear behavior