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FDA compliant and

chemical resistant.

DURACON® POM (also known as polyoxymethylene, polyacetal, polyformaldehyde) is the trade name for the wide range of acetal copolymer manufactured by Polyplastics. It is a partially crystalline thermoplastic, consisting mainly of structural units (-CH2O-). Duracon is an engineering thermoplastic and is used in almost all industries. DURACON® POM is a POM copolymer.


  • Sliding ability

  • Resistance to fuels, hot water, alkalis and oils at elevated temperatures

  • low emissions

  • Ability to use in contact with food / water

  • Chemical resistance

  • creep strength

  • dimensional stability

  • High fatigue strength

POM Duracon product range is divided into:

  • Standard materials (differ mainly in melt flow rate)

  • Materials with improved slip properties

  • Reinforced materials

  • Low emission materials

  • Special materials

  • Materials with Ability to use in contact with food products

  • Weatherproof materials


  • POM Duracon is available in natural and black color.







High glide

Low emissions

Low emissions

Low emissions



Creep strength

Fiberglass reinforced


With contact to food /water

| Characteristic

| Medium viscosity

| High viscosity

| Great fluidity. Fast cycle

| Standart

| Standart

| Standart

| Weatherproof

| High glide

| High strength, fuel resistance

| Chlorinated Water Resistance

| Standart

| 25% fiberglass

| Low viscosity

| International Certificate:  Drinking Water Safety

| Brand

| M90-44

| M25-44

| M270-44

| M90-45

| NW-02

| M90LV

| M90-45LV

| NW-GH-25

| H140-54C

| WR-01

| CP15X

| GH-25

| E-09

| M90-57

POM Duracon

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The well-balanced mechanical properties of DURACON® POM include self-lubricating fuel resistance. This product was first used commercially for the replacement of steel parts for machines, such as gears, screws and bearings. Today, POM has a wide range of applications from daily household goods (such as zippers and toothbrushes) to automotive parts (for example, mechanical and interior parts, door locks and latches, seat belt retention mechanisms and fuel system components). Examples of its use: AV devices, (parts for DVD recorders, Blu-ray players), office equipment (parts for printers and copy machines), household appliances (parts for washing machines, refrigerators, electric shavers, daily household goods and toys.

POM Duracon has the largest global market share * with 20% of total sales (source: Fuji Keizai, “Market Outlook for Engineering Plastic and Global Strategy 2017”).


Duranex® PBT is the trade name for a wide range of semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyesters based on polyplutylene terephthalate manufactured by Polyplastics.

Durafide® PPS is the trade name for a wide range of linear, partially crystalline polyphenylene sulfides from Polyplastics.