The Plastmass Group offers a wide range of production services for processing plastics. We process plastics from our production (PLASTMASS™ plastics) as well as plastics such as Caprolon, PTFE, polyacetal and many more. Our plastics are manufactured under high quality standards in our factory in Russia. Our team of experts, consisting of specialists from different scientific areas, always finds innovative solutions for the more effective use of plastics in various industries.


  • Our specialists work with digital simulations to successfully solve your material problems. We are able to simulate the behavior of plastics under the influence of external forces in your area of application in order to find the perfect plastic for your area of application. Based on the results, the right plastic can be determined with the appropriate dimensions and tolerances.

  • In order to achieve the maximum manufacturing efficiency for your plastic parts, we analyze the entire production process and optimize it.

  • When manufacturing parts, we take statistical, dynamic, tribological and thermal loads into account and calculate them using the finite element method.

  • We always provide competent advice on questions about the selection and use of our synthetic materials. On request, we accompany you through entire development and production processes.


The use of automated machining centers ensures excellent quality and precision in machining plastic parts. Our plastics are manufactured in our factory in Russia under high quality standards.

Our specialists can manufacture parts for any industrial plant and machine on request:

  • Conveyor rollers

  • Bushings and plain bearings for any equipment

  • Sliding guides (for chains and belts)

  • Slide plates (track shoes, bearings, guides) for the shafts and sliding mechanisms

  • Sprocket wheels

  • Wheels, pulleys

  • Seals, gaskets, washers

  • Non-standard parts and fasteners

The production time is 1 to 20 days depending on the end product. The minimum quantity is not limited.


Generally the IT tolerance from 9 to 12 is used. In special cases, IT tolerance ranges 7 and 8 are available.


Due to the thermal expansion coefficient of plastics, it makes sense to only carry out the dimensions at room temperature in which the plastic is processed. The tolerances for plastic parts are generally higher than those for metal parts.


It is recommended to heat plastics before processing and to process them in a preheated state. To rule out the formation of cracks, the material and room temperature should be homogeneous and between 18 °C - 25 °C.


Machines that are used for wood processing are sufficient for processing plastics. The tools should be very sharp and have a large rake angle.


HSS tools can be used for small production quantities. In order to manufacture a large number of products, we recommend using HM tools. The series production of parts with small tolerances requires the use of diamond-coated tools.


Machining with the lathe should be done with a large chip cross-section and a high feed rate. The cutting should be done in one operation.


The best heat dissipation is achieved via the chips. A compressed air jet can also be used to remove chips from the work surface and the workpiece.


The cutting speed of the band saw should be between 8 - 25 m/s. The saw blade should be made of metal or hard metal. To achieve a better cut, it is recommended to use a saw blade with a tooth spacing of 4 to 6 mm.


To prevent overheating when milling, it is advisable to choose the largest possible milling cross section. Milling can be achieved with a high feed rate, a large depth and a medium cutting speed.


By rubbing with a reamer according to DIN 206, DIN 212, DIN 219, very tight hole tolerances can be achieved. Due to the elastic behavior of plastics, a minimum machining allowance of 0.1 mm should be taken into account.


An oversize must be maintained for internal threads in plastics.
Up to M8, the internal thread should be approx. 0.1 mm larger. From M10 the internal thread should be approx. 0.2 mm larger.


Plastics could be processed with wooden rasps. We recommend filing with filing blades.


PLASTMASS™ high-performance polymers can be ground. Commercial grinding belts and grinding wheels with a coarse grain size can be used to grind a workpiece.

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