Unique plastic parts for your needs.

Our team of experts, consisting of specialists from different scientific areas, always finds innovative solutions for the more effective use of plastics in various industries.


  • Our specialists work with digital simulations to successfully solve your material problems. We are able to simulate the behavior of plastics under the influence of external forces in your area of application in order to find the perfect plastic for your area of application. Based on the results, the right plastic can be determined with the appropriate dimensions and tolerances.

  • In order to achieve the maximum manufacturing efficiency for your plastic parts, we analyze the entire production process and optimize it.

  • When manufacturing parts, we take statistical, dynamic, tribological and thermal loads into account and calculate them using the finite element method.

  • We always provide competent advice on questions about the selection and use of our synthetic materials. On request, we accompany you through entire development and production processes.

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